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Chasing Voices- John P. Harrington & Native Language Revival

During the 1970’s, the San Pasqual Warriors dominated high school football.  They are the only known high school football team from within a Native American Reservation to ever win a state championship in football. Even more extraordinary is they won a total of 5 AIAA state championships in ten years.  A high school with less then 120 students, mostly Native American, in one of the poorest counties in California dominated football.  Journey with us as we tell the extraordinary story of the Warriors, revealing the secret to their success and reason for their eventual downfall, examining the pivotal role sports play in Native American communities yesterday and today

Carlos Montezuma- Survival, Perserverance, Homecoming

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Carlos Montezuma, Yavapai, was one of the first American Indian physicians, graduating from Chicago Medical College in 1889. During the early 1900s, he was also an outspoken critic of the Indian Bureau’s gross mismanagement of the reservation system. In response, Montezuma founded Wassaja, a self-published newsletter dedicated to the abolishment of the Indian Bureau and the liberation of all American Indians from the oppressions of a racist federal Indian policy.

Chasing Voices, is the extraordinary story of one of America’s most accomplished and underappreciated ethnographers, John Peabody Harrington, who from 1907 to 1961 secretly amassed over a million pages of notes, photographs, and audio recordings on over 150 different Native American languages throughout the United States, becoming the “Rosetta Stone” for today’s Native American Tribes.  This is a journey through the notes he collected, propelling us forward to the tribal communities today desperately working to reclaim their lost languages. 

Decade of Dominance- The Warriors