Project Focus

Waila: Making The People Happy.

60min. Currently in post-production. Telling the history and evolution of Waila Music, the contemporary social dance music of Native American tribes of southern Arizona, through three generations of the Joaquin's, a family of musicians. Producer, Director, Co-editor. Funding by Native American Public Telecommunications (PBS).

Journey from Spirit Mountain 2002, 60 min.

Currently in production. Documenting the people and places describe in the Quechan Lightning Songs. Producer, Director, Editor, Camera.

Honoring Kumat 2000, 14 min.

A group of Quechan youth led by elder Preston Arrowweed run through a religious site threatened to be destroyed by a proposed gold mine. Director, Editor, Camera.

When The Fire Dims 1998, 17 min.

Jimmy, a Pomo Indian has relocated to the city from the reservation and falls victim to alcoholism. Producer, Director,Editor.

Friendship House. A Place of Healing. 2005, 14 min.

Promotional video on the services of the American Indian Friendship House Inc. in San Francisco CA. Producer, Director, Camera, Editor.

Native Entrepreneurs. Creating Opportunities In Our Communities. 2005, 8 min.

romotional video on California Indian Manpower Consortium’s Entrepreneurial training program. To be used for fundraising.Producer, Director, Camera, Editor.

ver The Mountains: 2003, 30min.

Documenting a ceremonial trade route reenactment between the Bishop Paiute tribe of the Owens Valley and Mono tribe on the other side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Produced for the Owens Valley Career Development Center, Bishop CA. Director, Camera, Editor.

Olone and the Oaks: 2001. 8 min.

Informational about the Olone Indians of the Bay Area and their traditional use of acorns.
Writer, Director, Editor.

Promotional for the Native American Health Center in Oakland CA. Producer, Writer, Director, Editor.