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Empowering Native Communities Through Digital Films

Honoring Kumat  2000, 14 min.  A group of Quechan youth led by elder Preston Arrowweed run through a religious site threatened to be destroyed by a proposed gold mine.  Director, Editor, Camera.

Journey from Spirit Mountain  2008, 35 min.  Preston Arrowweed, the last Quechan Lightning singer, tells the story of the Lightning song, a story about the original migration of the Quechan people from Spirit Mountain to their present home.  We retrace the route told in the song discovering the different places, animals and people describe by the original dreamer.  Preston shares his understanding of the songs meaning, a meaning quickly fading.  Will the song continue or be lost?  Director, Editor, Camera.

Songs of The Colorado  2011, 54 min.  This is a documentary focusing on the different music and song sung by the original tribes along the Colorado River.  The purpose is to provide insight into the how the songs connect the different tribes to each other through language, geography, tradition, oral history, and spiritual belief.

When The Fire Dims  1998, 17 min. Narrative.  Jimmy, a Pomo Indian has relocated to the city from the reservation and falls victim to alcoholism. 

Waila: Making The People Happy  2009, 30min.  National PBS broadcast premier April 2009.  Telling the history and evolution of Waila Music, the contemporary social dance music of Native American tribes of southern Arizona, through three generations of the Joaquin's, a family of musicians.  Producer, Director, Camera, Co-editor.  Funding by Native American Public Telecommunications and ITVS.

Our Films

Greed Energy   2013, 50 min.  Greed Energy illustrates the adverse effects the Obama administration's "Fast-Tracking" of large scale renewable energy projects, such as Ocotillo Wind Express located in Imperial County California has had on the Yuman tribes sacred sites with in the project area and the regions ecologically sensitive desert environment. See first hand the desecration of ancient burial sites by this large-scale renewable energy developer and meet the people and communities who are fighting back.