Hokan Media LLC

Empowering Native Communities Through Digital Films


Documentary & Narrative Film Production
Have a story to tell?  Want to share your community history with others?  Want to educate the general public or your community on important issues or concerns?  Hokan Media LLC offers documentary and narrative film productions services.  Hokan Media LLC can partner with you to tell that story.  We can follow your project from research & development, preproduction, production, post-production, to distribution.  Let Hokan Media LLC help you get that story told.

Conferences, Special, & Cultural Events

Have and important conferences that you want documented for archival and promotion?  How about a cultural event you think others can benefit from through documentation?  Let Hokan Media LLC document that special event for you. We provide full service documentation of your event, archiving for the future.  Want to share this event with others?  Let Hokan Media LLC put together a movie of this event that you can share with others or promote your community.

Corporate & Public Relations Videos
Want to promote your business, service or tribal community?  Let Hokan Media LLC help.  We can produce a short public relations or promotional movie for you.  Amaze your clients.  Let them experience your company through images and testimony on a cutting edge DVD or stream it on your website.

Training Videos For Staff & Clients

Need to create awareness in your about issues such as health and safety?  Do you need to inform community members on proper diet to prevent diabetes or other health issues?  Need to educate staff on company polices or safety?   Then let Hokan Media LLC help you produce the necessary training videos to get the word out.  Our full service digital video productions services can make this happen at an affordable price.



Hokan Media LLC is a full service digital video production company, providing digital video services to Native American community‚Äôs at affordable rates.  Hokan Media Production specializes in social issue documentaries and narratives, public relation and industrial videos, public service announcements, event documentation, and training videos. In addition to producing digital videos, Hokan Media LLC has implemented a digital video training program to increase understanding of digital technology in underserved communities.