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For more information about our fundraising golf tournament, click on the flyer above. Funds raised go towards the production of our documentary Decade of Dominance.

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Hokan Youth Filmmaking Academy

Hokan Media LLC produces a wide range of work.  From work-for-hire to our own productions.  Check out some of our completed work!

Founded in 1998 by Daniel Golding, Hokan Media LLC is a full service video production company, providing digital video services to a diverse clientele. We specialize in social issue documentaries, narratives, and cultural films. Hokan Media LLC has implemented a digital video training program to increase understanding of digital technology in underserved communities. Check out our website and see what we can do for you!

 The Hokan Filmmaking Academy is the week-long hands-on digital filmmaking workshop. This course is intended to provide basic training in the skills to produce a short movie. Students are trained in basic scripting, camera basics, shooting techniques, sound recording, lighting, and editing.  At the end of the week, films completed by workshop participants will be premiered during a community screening. The purpose is simply rewarding the youth for their hard work, giving them a sense of pride and building positive self-esteem, letting them know good things come from persistence and hard work.


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